Here at PPC Protect, we have a core guiding principle - leaving the planet in a better place than we inherited it.

With that in mind, we offset the CO2 emissions generated from processing our customers data by a minimum of 10x.

This means that for every 1g of CO2 emitted in processing your data, we plant enough trees to absorb 10g of CO2!

To calculate this, we take the average amount of data processed on your plan as a percentage of our overall data processing volumes and calculate what percentage of our overall emissions your data is responsible for.

For example, if you were processing 100,000 clicks per month you would be responsible for around 0.1% of all PPC Protect's data processing emissions (as of January 2021). So, we would plant enough trees each month in your name to offset 1% of all PPC Protect's data processing emissions (10x your emissions).

Update January 2021

PPC Protect now utilizes AWS "Sustainable Datacentres" where possible, which are powered by 100% green or offset energy. These datacentres don't produce CO2 emissions due to clean energy usage, and in instances where they do produce CO2 emissions AWS already offset this through carbon credits.

However, that's no excuse for us to stop planting trees! So we'll keep planting trees in your name at exactly the same rate as before. That means PPC Protect isn't just carbon-neutral anymore, it's carbon-negative! We think that's pretty cool.

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