If you have been provided with a coupon for your PPC Protect account, here's how to use it (to update an existing subscription, check the end of this article):

If you are subscribing or re-subscribing:

1. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to:

2. Enter your billing information:

3. Enter your company & VAT details:

4. Enter your billing details:

5. Enter your coupon code to apply the discount, hit redeem and then confirm:

To apply a discount to an existing subscription:

  1. Head over to the "Manage Subscription" section in your dashboard.

  2. Click "Manage billing" in the top left of your page.

  3. Under "Billing" you will see a coupon code field with a green tick next to it.

  4. Fill in the coupon code and hit the green tick.

  5. The coupon will then be automatically applied to your account.

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