If you are having issues configuring PPC Protect our support team may ask for "Read Only" access. Find out how to grant it here.

If you have been asked to provide "Read Only" access by our data or support teams as part of the troubleshooting process, please follow the guide below:

  • Log in to Google Ads at https://ads.google.com/

  • Go to "Tools & Settings", then "Account access

  • Add PPC Protect as an allowed domain

This allows PPC Protect to connect with your account temporarily via a secure read-only access method.

  • Select "Security Settings" Click "Add domain" and enter "ppcprotect.com" in the empty text box. Click save.

  • Select "Users" then click the blue plus button to add a user

  • Add our data & support team as a read only user Enter adreview1@ppcprotect.com in the email field. Select "Read Only". Click "Send Invitation".

That's it! Our support team will then troubleshoot your account on your behalf and let you know what they find, along with any required updates to get data flowing. Once the issue is fixed they will remove the read-only connection from your account.

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