When you turn on Google Ad tracking in HubSpot, the tracking template is automatically inserted at the campaign level of your Google Ad.

By replacing this with our merged template at the campaign level, you will get a warning in HubSpot that the tracking is not set up correctly and contact conversion may not be tracked. This is simply a warning from Hubspot that we are turning off the "automatic" insertion of tracking templates and going "manual"

More information about this can be found via the Hubspot Knowledge base:


We recommend that anyone who requires this, tests on their own implementation, to ensure that it is working prior to using on clients active campaigns.

To get the merged template, please email your Hubspot template to help@ppcprotect.com where we will merge the 2 together and send back the complete template.

Place the merged template into your Google Ad at the campaign level and click save. You will now see click data in both Hubspot & PPC Protect.

If you have quite a few campaigns that this needs to be applied to, we would recommend using the Google Ads Editor to make bulk changes.

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