IMPORTANT: Whilst smart campaigns don't allow for IP blocking, PPC Protect can still be used on them to monitor for fraudulent placements, locations, keywords etc. The IP blocking feature will not function on smart campaigns, but if you see that your smart campaigns have a high rate of fraud we strongly recommend creating standard campaigns to replace them and gain IP blocking functionality.

PPC Protect fully supports automatic IP blocking & click fraud prevention in the following campaign types:

  • Google search campaigns (including campaigns created in Search Ads 360)

  • Google partner site search campaigns

  • Display campaigns (including remarketing, app placements & affinity targeting)

  • Shopping campaigns

PPC Protect supports IP tracking & click forensic analysis on the following campaign types. These will appear in your PPC Protect dashboard. Automatic IP blocking is not supported on these as Google do not provide the IP exclusions functionality on these campaign types:

  • App install campaigns & Universal App Campaigns

  • Video campaigns

PPC Protect does not support the following campaign types, as they do not utilise any tracking methods/parameters:

  • Smart campaigns (Smart Search, Smart Shopping and Smart Display)

  • Call-only campaigns

  • Google Ads/AdWords Express campaigns

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