Sometimes, you may see errors in the Google Ads tracking template test screen - but these are not always critical errors. Below, we've included what each of the most common errors you may come across actually mean.

NOTE: The tracking template test functionality will test both live ads and paused ads. If only your paused ads are showing errors then you do not need to take any action.

1. Page Not Found

This means your ad is pointing to a 404 on your website, either due to a web server configuration error or the existing page has been removed. To solve this, point your ad to a live page on your website that returns a 200 (OK) HTTP code.

2. Final URL Mismatch

This occurs when the final URL in your ad is not the same as your landing page URL. This is not a critical error, but is an advisory. It can happen if your server configuration is causing your parameters to be displayed in a different format to how they appear in Google Ads. To troubleshoot this, simply click the link in the test screen. If you end up on the correct page, no action needs to be taken. If you end up on the incorrect page, check with your webmaster about how your server handles URIs.

3. Invalid Tracking Template

This occurs when you have not correctly copied & pasted your PPC Protect tracking template. Please make sure your tracking template starts with https:// and ends with {lpurl} (or your own custom tracking if using a merged tracking template).

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