When in your PPC Protect dashboard you will see three distinct click categories:

  • Legitimate

  • Suspicious

  • Fraudulent

Whilst legitimate & fraudulent are obvious as to what they are, suspicious clicks can cause a little more confusion.

So what are suspicious clicks?

Clicks marked as suspicious are those that the system has determined have a not-insignificant change to be fraudulent, but the data we hold is not currently significant enough to confirm they are definitely fraudulent.

In simple terms, this means there is a small chance they might be fraudulent, but they might also be legitimate.

What causes a suspicious click to be registered?

Since PPC Protect takes in to account 200+ factors when determining click fraud, there could be any number of metrics that have caused a click to be triggered as suspicious. For example:

  • The user may be using a VPN that has a history of fraud, but exhibited no fraudulent behavior themselves.

  • The user may have slightly unnatural click patterns, but they sit just outside one standard deviation from the norm on your account

  • The user may have a location & language combination that is atypical of your client base

  • Anything else the system has found that it determines to be suspicious, but not yet fraudulent

Will suspicious clicks become fraudulent over time?

As the system gathers more information about suspicious clicks, and more information about your account in general, then the clicks will be re-processed and may be re-allocated to another click group.

Those clicks that the system has determined are indeed fraudulent will be moved to the "fraudulent" clicks metric, and their IP will be blocked.

Those clicks that the system has determined are legitimate will be moved to the "legitimate" metric, but the system will still keep an extra close eye on them just to be sure.

If the system cannot make an informed decision with the data available, the click will remain as suspicious.

Will suspicious clicks be blocked?

No, suspicious clicks will not be blocked by default. This is because there is a significant chance they may still be legitimate, and blocking them would result in decreased conversions as a result of blocking legitimate users.

Can I choose to block suspicious clicks?

No, the risks of blocking suspicious clicks massively outweigh any benefits, as it would result in significant numbers of legitimate users being blocked.

Users may choose to manually add suspicious IPs to their block lists, but we strongly advise against this.

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