Wait! Don't Google do this?

Google offer a basic traffic filtering/validation service as part of their "Invalid Clicks" metric. This acts as a first line of defence on your Google Ads account against very obvious click fraud and invalid traffic, but it isn't specific to your account or your needs. As a platform dedicated purely to stopping click fraud & invalid traffic, PPC Protect is able to be much more in depth with our detection, analysis and prevention by focusing our algorithms & analysis on your specific industry and business needs.

Where does PPC Protect come in?

PPC Protect sits on top your Google Ads account as a sophisticated second-tier defence, providing unparalleled additional protection against invalid & non-legitimate traffic. Think of it as a firewall for your clicks, in the same way that you may have a dedicated web firewall in front of your normal web hosting.

Our algorithms are tweaked and tailored to your specific business and industry, rather than the generalised filtering Google uses, and also learn from your account activity over time. This means we can be much, much more accurate in determining what is and is not click fraud on your accounts.

What else does PPC Protect offer?

PPC Protect also serves as a traffic transparency platform, and provides insights that Google Ads will not provide to you. We allow you to see exactly who is clicking your ads, and precisely where they are coming from, so you know where every ad dollar you spend is going.

Note: You may see differing values in the invalid/non-legitimate clicks reported by Google and those reported by PPC Protect. This is because PPC Protect will always attempt to filter clicks already detected by Google from your PPC Protect dashboard, as you have not been billed for these.

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