Please follow all the steps to ensure a successful connection of the tracking template:

Note: For MCC Accounts, you must first select an Account from the list down the left-hand side and then repeat the process per each account you wish to protect.

  1. Sign in to Google AdWords

  2. Click “Settings” in the white/grey menu on the left hand side

3. Click the “Account Settings” tab near the top of the page

4. Click “Tracking Template” and once you have pasted in your PPC Protect tracking template, test it using Google's Tracking Template testing tool (test button in this window).

The test takes 10 random ads and checks the validity of the tracking template.

The output should be 10 green ticks. If you encounter any errors please check our Common Errors Guide to understand if you need to do anything or not.

When the testing is done, click Save.

5. Make sure “Auto-tagging” is set to “YES” and click “Save”

If you have any issues during the tracking template setup please contact us on live chat for quick assistance.

NOTE: If you have existing tracking templates in place then you will need to merge our tracking template with them. This is a simple process and instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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