Note: Even though we recommend running in Monitoring Only mode, we do allow trial users to also run in active protection (IP blocking) if they so wish to.

We recommend that all PPC Protect trial users run in "Monitoring Only" mode where possible.
This is because doing so allows you to see a true picture of invalid activity in your account, and understand what your accurate ROI would be when using PPC Protect.

By running in "Monitoring Only", PPC Protect will report on all invalid activity activity within your Google Ads account but it will not block any IPs or users from accessing your ads.

The reason for recommending Monitoring Only mode is that it gives you a true picture of if you are being impacted by invalid traffic or not.

With active blocking, the PPC Protect system will identify and block any invalid activity very quickly. This means an IP that might have clicked 8 or 9 times is blocked after just 1 click.

Whilst that's good on the surface, it means you aren't able to see the true invalid picture in your account. By running in monitoring only you can see exactly how many invalid clicks you are getting and also how often each invalid user is clicking. This is vital information in figuring out if a PPC Protect subscription is worth it for your business or your clients.

Running in monitoring only also allows our system to process more invalid user data on your accounts, increasing its effectiveness. Remember - the more data PPC Protect processes for you the smarter the system becomes, and the more it learns about your specific accounts!

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