Installing PPC Protect is swift and simple. In order to be integrated you need to:

  1. Give PPC Protect permissions to your Google Ads account:
    This can be done via oAuth access (Connecting your Google Ads Account). We don’t ask for your password or to be added as managers of your account. Giving permissions is similar to downloading an application on your smartphone and clicking accept on the app store. Here's how to do it.

  2. Installing our tracking template:
    We provide an easy to understand guide during installation with live checks to ensure you successfully installed our tracking template. More information about the installation can be found here

  3. [Optional] Installing our script for legacy accounts
    Legacy accounts still utilizing our v1 HTML tracking script can request a copy by contacting your account manager. New accounts automatically use our v2 server-side tracking by default and will not need to complete this step.

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