Connecting your Google Ads account is the first step you need to take in order to be protected by PPC Protect.

Note: Please make sure you connect the relevant Google Ads Account.

PPC Protect requires permissions from your Google Ads and Analytics account in order to protect your account from click fraud. A full explanation of what data we access and why is available here.

1. Please disable your AdBlock extension. This may interfere the authentication process. 

2. Click on "Connect  Ad Account" button in PPC Protect Dashboard:

3. A new popup will be opened. Please choose the relevant Google Ads account. For users with multiple users - confirm that you are choosing the right account prior to continuing.

4. Click on Allow to connect to PPC Protect.
Note: We will never touch your Google Ads campaigns or alter them in any way - We only gather data to determine the legitimacy of your ad clicks. More information about that can be found here:
How PPC Protect uses the data it gets from my Google Ads account?
Is my Google Ads account safe?
Why do you need access to my Google Ads account?

5. You have connected your Google Ads account. The next step is to add the tracking template to your Google Ads account. Here's how to do it.

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