Our system determines that an IP is fraudulent based on our internal fraud algorithms and analysis.

We can’t disclose our systems ins and outs (because that would allow the fraudsters to know exactly how we catch them!) but we take in to account over 100 different factors when identifying fraud, including (but not limited to):

- IP address/network
- Device Type
- Javascript enabled/disabled
- Plugins
- Fonts
- Resolution
- Color Depth
- Location

and many more. This helps us build a profile of if a user is a real, genuine user, a bot or a fraudulent user.

In addition to that, we also take the following in to account in our algorithms:

- Click frequency
- VPN usage
- Known click farm ranges
- Known fraudulent IP ranges

Combined, these help us to build an extremely accurate picture of which users are legitimate and which are fraudulent. We do also sit on the side of caution - if we aren't sure if it's fraud or not we'll mark it as suspicious and monitor closely, but we won't block it

To  read more about suspected clicks please visit this link:
What is the difference between suspicious and fraudulent clicks?

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